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Model : RG-200

Rain gauges using the Tipping Bucket principle with integral data logger or pulse output

  • High – resoluation electronic tippinig bucket system ( 0,1 mm )
  • World class meteorological instruments
  • Bucket size; 0,1 mm or 0,2 mm (adcustable)
  • Easy to service with low maintenance requirement
  • Suitable for solid precipitation ( e.g. snow , hail , freezing rain , grain )
  • 2 MByte Memory. EEprom
  • “ for flood warning alarms” send to; pocket telephones and PC (Auto)
  • Long term stable calibration
  • 2- lines dot matrix LCD display. Total 32 characters
  • Battery life time >10 years.
  • Windows data management software
  • 3 years warranty


Automatic logging of rainfall, unlimited rainfall capacity, very accurate rain gauge with impulse output. Available for data loggers and transmission systems.

The system uses the latest data logger series to record rainfall using a precision tipping bucket rain gauge. A divided bucket pivoted at the centre tips when a predetermined amount of rain water has collected in one side of the bucket. The tipping action magnetically closes a reed switch which sends a pulse to the logger. The other side of the bucket can than fill up and the process is repeated. A choice of either 0,1 mm or 0,2 mm per tip sensitivity is available.

The system is supplied with an RS-232 cable and collection soft-ware suitable for use with compatible PC, Lap-Top, Data Flash Card and GSM data modem device, complete with rain gauge, datalogger, battery, RS-232 cable and Windows data management software in one CD.

Technical Details

Collecting Area

200 cm 2

Tipping Bucket

Made of plastic material (ABS)


1 impulse, 0,1 mm rainfall


Magnetic reed switch


Reed contact impulse (potential free)

Bucket Size

0,1 mm or 0,2 mm (adcustable)



Max. breaking capacity

3 watts

Max. switching capacity

150 V, 0,25 A


Height 355 mm , diameter 205 mm


3,7 kg

Rain Data Logger RG - 200

Data logger

For digital memorisation of rainfall tipping / bucket impulses, together with date and time on cheque 2 Mbyte memory. Collecting and storage of rainfall. Simple operation, high operation reliability, robust, compact housing with watertight foil keyboard. Display with following indication possibilities quantity of the total stored impulses, time and date. After 15 second automatic switch off of the display for saving energy.


Hellman desing (WMO standard)


RS-232 Interface


2- lines dot matrix LCD display, each of 16 charcters. (Total:32 charcters). Shows total rain, date/time, heigh rain alarms, storage memory, setup parameters and measured values. 15 sec. Auto shut off.


2 MByte. EEprom

Memory Storage Capacity

Storage capacity 2 MByte EEprom. Approx 280.000 impulses
= ~ 28.000 mm rainfall

Intencity Approx . 50 impulses / 1 min.

Real Time Clock

24 hours time, accuracy approx. 2 min. / 1 year . Quartz RTC.

Communication Link

The communication between data logger and Lap-Top is provided through the 5 pin connector at the right side RS-232 special cable or GSM line with GSM Data MODEM device. Also avaliable 2 MByte Data Flash Card data transfer unit

Remote Data Transmission

Via RS232 interface (RG-200 data logger) it is possible to connect the rain gauge directly to a GSM modem . Data download and system check / setup can be done easily from the Office.

Baud Rate

19200 bps Baut Rate


Setup and read-out will be made with Lap-Top, a special transmission RS-232 cable, Data Flash Card (2 Mbyte) or GSM line with GSM Data MODEM device, an AKIM HYDROMETRY made program named PLV3-011.

Windows data management software ( PLV3-011) Works under the
Win95/Win98/Win2000/Win Me and Win XP

Alarm Management

Alarm management automatic alarm messages via GSM data modem by SMS send to: pocket telephones and PC. …. For flood warning service, coast guard service,…

Power Supply

Single. 3,6 Volt DC 8500 mAh C size Lithium Battery

Battery Life Time

> 10 years at normal working mode

Battery Storage Time

10 years with 10 % capacity loss


Pressure cast aluminum with foil keyboard, acc. to IP 65

Case Dimensions

Length x width x depth 125x80x40 mm


Waterproof (IP 65)

Working Temp.

-20 °C until + 70°C

Storage Temp.

-40 °C until + 80 °C


98 % relative


Approx. 495 gr


More about the handling is described in the operating manuel


Data Flash card

Data transfer unit, capacity up to 2 MByte with driver

GSM Data Modem

PC side GSM data MODEM , GSM Data Collector device unit with special antenna


70 watts, 24 V power supply, (ring heating) system, for operating with minus temperature, with 2-ponit control system and thermistor switch. Includes 220 V / 24 V, 100 Watts Power Suplly adaptor.


Birds protection ring prevents birds sitting on the rain gauge

Get in touch with your rain gauge - wherever you are calling from!

Dynamic Displays
Setup and data transfer via notebook or Data Flash Card
Daily, Monthly and Annual Cumulative Rainfall Values (mm)

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